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Dental Implants are a great advancement in dentistry as they permanently replace missing teeth in a way that no previous dental technique was able to accomplish.

Same Day Crowns

Same Day Crowns

When decay in a tooth has become so advanced that large portions of the tooth must be removed, crowns are often used to restore the tooth.

Same Day Veneers

Same Day Veneers

Gaps, chips, stains, or misshapen teeth can now be treated with wonderful results and very conservatively using porcelain veneers.

One Day Teeth

One Day Teeth

With our proposal of same day teeth, we can provide an immediate temporary denture, temporary implants, or a simple filling, and we can restore your smile without making you wait.

Arthur Greyf, DDS FICOI
Welcomes you to our practice!

Welcome to the Top Rated Dental Office in New Jersey, Arthur Greyf, DDS FICOI located in Millburn, New Jersey. Our General, Cosmetic, and Implant Practice is Looking Forward to Catering to Your Dental Needs.

Arthur Greyf DDS, FICOI was established in 2000, and is a practice that ensures the best for all of our patients. Providing gentle, efficient and cost-friendly services to guarantee that you are nothing less than satisfied. In 2018, Dr. Greyf was awarded Top Dentist by his peers and patients.

At Dentist-Millburn, our main goal is to serve you with nothing less than caring, top of the line dental services in a friendly, and relaxed environment.

We strive on making our dental treatments affordable and time efficient, while helping you utilize your insurance benefits to their highest potential.

Dentist-Millburn prides the office on being painless and comfortable due to all of our advanced technology. The latest digital dental technology allows for quicker procedures, so you can continue on with your everyday life.

Our convenient office hours are solely designed to accommodate your everyday busy schedule. We offer late night appointments, early mornings, and Saturday appointments as well.

Some areas of our expertise include:

Dental implants- Dr Greyf is a proud graduate of Misch implant institute and a fellow at the international College of Oral Implantology. He has over 20 years experience placing and restoring dental implants. If you are looking for information on getting an implant, we also have specials available for you.

Cosmetic Dentistry- For over 20 years, we have helped our patients improve their smiles and boost their overall confidence. Porcelain veneers, non-metal crowns, and white composite fillings have all been used in our practice from the inception.

Invisalign clear braces- Dr Greyf has been certified by Invisalign technologies for over 10 years. In our office, we have been using removable invisible orthodontic appliances for many years because patients find them extremely convenient.

Same Day Teeth- Our services include many same day cosmetic procedures including same day crowns, same day implants, same day veneers and same day dentures. With our Cerec machine, we are able to provide you with full treatment from start to finish on the same day. We don’t like making our patients wait 2 weeks for a dental lab to return your case, so we are able to create your case in our own office without a need for any temporaries.

In our office, we are also able to provide you with teeth in one day, and can fix your broken front tooth in a 1.5 hour visit.

One Day Teeth- With our proposal of same day teeth, we can provide an immediate temporary denture, temporary implants, or a simple filling, and we can restore your smile without making you wait.

In our office, we can place and load 4 or 6 implants on the day of your visit. We can do all teeth on 4, or we can also do all teeth on 6 implants. Whichever problem, concern, or trauma you may have, we can help make you look your very best the same day you come to visit us.

Denture Stabilization- At Dentist-Millburn we utilize several implants to fix your dentures, leaving you without worries or mishaps.

Bone Grafting and Sinus Lifts- When you don’t have enough bone to place dental implants, we can help by improvising with a bone graft. Dr. Greyf has 10 years of experience in recreating bone lost to trauma, dental treatment or periodontal disease.

Many other popular procedures that we offer in our office consist of: Root canals, posts, composite white fillings, implant supported dentures, full mouth reconstruction, TMJ treatment, periodontal treatment and gum treatment.

As for hygiene, we offer deep cleanings, as well as regular hygiene appointments. We provide non-surgical periodontal treatment, laser gum therapy and Arestin placement to insure that there are no infections.

Our hygienist also offers laser in office teeth bleaching if you have a wedding, party, or any other special event you would like to look your best for.There is also take home whitening available for patients who like to maintain a white, beautiful smile at all times!

Dentistry can be quick, and painless if you have the correct resources. At Dentist-Millburn we utilize the following latest technology to make sure your treatment goes as comfortable and fast as possible:

  • Waterlase Dental Laser– This laser allows us to treat periodontal disease and cavities quickly and effectively without use of a drill.

Click here for more information on the Biolase Waterlase Dental Laser.

  • Cone Beam Digital 3D X-ray– This is similar to a Ct Scan, but uses much less radiation in the process.     

Click here for more information on the Cone Beam Digital X-ray.

  • Panoramic Digital X-ray-This X-ray captures the entire mouth in one single image. This includes the teeth, upper and lower jaws, surrounding structures and all tissues.
  • Schick Digital X-ray- This X-ray machine has significantly low radiation exposure,  making it ideal for our patients. This machine provides high quality images therefore making it simple for Dr. Greyf to diagnose any concerns or issues.

Click here for more information on the Schick Digital X-ray.

  • 3D printers- 3D printers are used mainly for guided and successful implant surgery.

Click here for more information on 3D printers.

  • Piezotome Acteon- This surgical tool helps us in performing pain-free dental extractions. It is the latest surgical technology that uses the most gentle vibrations to separate the tooth from surrounding tissue, removing it painlessly. In our surgical suite, we are equipped with the most advanced technology that helps us in performing extractions, bone grafts, and implants in a comfortable way.

Click here for more information on the Piezotome Acteon.

  • Brassler Rotary Endo Systems: This tool helps in the endodontics field, as it allows for a quick, and effective root canal. With this technology advantage, most root canals can be completed in one day, with no pain at all.  endodontics allows us to do painless and effective root canals. Most of the root canals can be finished the same day.

Click here for more information on the Brassler Rotary Endosystem.