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*This price for first implant only.

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If you suffer from missing teeth, we can help. Dental implants can restore your ability to eat, chew, talk and smile confidently and comfortably again! Dental implants are color matched to blend in with your surrounding teeth, and look and feel natural. Get a single implant for just $1750. Give us a call to schedule your next visit today!

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What Others Are Saying

“Dr. Greyf is my favorite medical professional overall, not just dentist! He is extremely skilled and very professional. I’ve had all my wisdom teeth extracted with him as well as a root canal and a crown, all with no pain. His staff are terrific. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone.”


“Excellent level of dentistry with a guarantee. Calm and pleasant atmosphere. Engaging and attractive personality of Dr. Greyf makes my visits something to look forward to. And never any pain.”