Same Day Teeth

With our proposal of same day teeth, we can provide an immediate temporary denture, temporary implants, or a simple filling, and we can restore your smile without making you wait!

In our office, we can place and load 4 or 6 implants on the day of your visit. We can do all teeth on 4, or we can also do all teeth on 6 implants. Whichever problem, concern, or trauma you may have, we can help make you look your very best the same day you come to visit us.

Our services include many same day cosmetic procedures including same day crowns, same day implants, same day veneers and same day dentures. With our Cerec machine, we are able to provide you with full treatment from start to finish on the same day. We don’t like making our patients wait 2 weeks for a dental lab to return your case, so we are able to create your case in our own office without a need for any temporaries.

If you have any questions, give us a call today!