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Our Services

Some areas of our expertise include:

Dental implants-

Dr Greyf is a proud graduate of Misch implant institute and a fellow at the international College of Oral Implantology. He has over 20 years experience placing and restoring dental implants. If you are looking for information on getting an implant, we also have specials available for you.

Cosmetic Dentistry

For over 20 years, we have helped our patients improve their smiles and boost their overall confidence. Porcelain veneers, non-metal crowns, and white composite fillings have all been used in our practice from the inception.

Invisalign clear braces-

Dr Greyf has been certified by Invisalign technologies for over 10 years. In our office, we have been using removable invisible orthodontic appliances for many years because patients find them extremely convenient.

Same Day Teeth-

Our services include many same day cosmetic procedures including same day crowns, same day implants, same day veneers and same day dentures. With our Cerec machine, we are able to provide you with full treatment from start to finish on the same day. We don’t like making our patients wait 2 weeks for a dental lab to return your case, so we are able to create your case in our own office without a need for any temporaries.

In our office, we are also able to provide you with teeth in one day, and can fix your broken front tooth in a 1.5 hour visit.

One Day Teeth-

With our proposal of same day teeth, we can provide an immediate temporary denture, temporary implants, or a simple filling, and we can restore your smile without making you wait.

In our office, we can place and load 4 or 6 implants on the day of your visit. We can do all teeth on 4, or we can also do all teeth on 6 implants. Whichever problem, concern, or trauma you may have, we can help make you look your very best the same day you come to visit us.

Denture Stabilization-

At Dentist-Millburn we utilize several implants to fix your dentures, leaving you without worries or mishaps.

Bone Grafting and Sinus Lifts-

When you don’t have enough bone to place dental implants, we can help by improvising with a bone graft. Dr. Greyf has 10 years of experience in recreating bone lost to trauma, dental treatment or periodontal disease.

Many other popular procedures that we offer in our office consist of: Root canals, posts, composite white fillings, implant supported dentures, full mouth reconstruction, TMJ treatment, periodontal treatment and gum treatment.

As for hygiene, we offer deep cleanings, as well as regular hygiene appointments. We provide non-surgical periodontal treatment, laser gum therapy and Arestin placement to insure that there are no infections.

Our hygienist also offers laser in office teeth bleaching if you have a wedding, party, or any other special event you would like to look your best for.There is also take home whitening available for patients who like to maintain a white, beautiful smile at all times!