Hybrid Implant Denture $15,500*

*Includes minor bone grafting, less than 1 cc of bone graft material. Does not include sinus lifts, external/internal ridge split, lateral ridge augmentation, vertical ridge augmentation, or soft tissue plasty.

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Dr. Greyf and his trained staff utilize the latest in dental technology to make you top quality prosthetics. For this amazing price, you can restore your full smile with a complete permanent acrylic hybrid implant denture. Give us a call to get started today!


  • Up to 6 implants
  • All Necessary Extractions
  • Bone Graft
  • Temporary Denture
  • Abutments (a crown support)
  • Implant Hybrid Denture

*New Patients Only.


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What Others Are Saying

“Dr. Arthur Greyf and his team are exceptional. I will never forget how he removed all of my wisdom teeth in what seemed like less than 10 mins. It was so fast that I thought he was on the 3rd tooth but in reality he finished my last wisdom tooth. The day after – no infection and face was not even swollen. You can expect a team that will deliver quality care and provide sound advice.”


“Everyone at the office is always patient and gentle, which is especially important to those of us who get nervous with dental work. Always up to date on the latest technology and the least uncomfortable way to get any issues with your teeth taken care of. Would highly recommend.”